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Sunday School Material
Video 22
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This Sunday school video seeks to help teachers in the task of choosing the best teaching course for their Sunday school class. There are all kinds of Sunday school lessons on the market today and all kinds of options. It is important to know the details about any material you are considering using to make sure it aligns with your church’s theological beliefs. I came across a list of 64 publishers including five in the Spanish language. Generally, the publishing house materials appear quite different in that they use a four color presentation on glossy paper. This is compared to the denominational material which is a lot simpler, shorter and often produced on a photocopy paper. They are not as attractive as the publishing house materials. There are several national companies producing this material as well as one for just about every denomination. There are pros and cons for both. This video is 2 minutes long and 41 seconds long. A complete overview of all of the Tellout Online training videos can be viewed on YouTube. Video 23 of this series on effective Sunday schools page 179 can be found at Video 23.

"Sunday School Material"
by Ron Meacock © 1982-2019

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