Meek Inherit Earth
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The Children's Reaction 171

A Commitment to Jesus

African ChildrenOne of the most difficult problems for the childrens' worker is how to encourage the little people in his or her care to make a commitment to Jesus without this being a mark of the children's own natural desire to please. Clearly, to ask a group of five to nine-year-olds which of them has asked Christ into their heart at the close of an event invites all to respond "Yes!" Some evangelists request instead those interested to stay behind to talk about it. Some will remain because their friends do or simply because they are curious. Better to ask those who have made a positive response to write a short note to the leader and tell them about it. Only those who felt it was an important step will want to reply. Realize above all else that the children will want to please a teacher and so avoid persuasion, however gentle, towards this end. Scrawled on a wall in London were the words from Matthew 5.5, "The meek shall inherit the earth." Underneath someone had added, "If that's O.K. with the rest of you."

Gypsy Smith

Gypsy Smith(Centre)The average child is indeed closer to the Kingdom of God than the average adult. Gypsy Smith (1860 - 1947 AD), was a noted evangelist to the wandering gypsy people in England. He was born in a tent in Epping Forest, raised on a Gypsy camp, never attended a school - not even for a day! He was once asked if there had been anyone saved at a service he had conducted. His reply was "Yes, two and a half!" The questioner hesitated then suggested, "Oh, I see, two adults and one child." "No," answered Gypsy Smith, "two children and one adult!" Towards the end of his life he wrote, "I didn't go through your colleges and seminaries. They wouldn't have me...but I have been to the feet of Jesus where the only true scholarship is learned." He knew that one of the characteristics that makes children so different from adults is their ability to be meek naturally.✞

"Meek Inherit Earth"
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