Happy Birthday Relationship
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Happy Birthday Relationship
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Unfurled Flags

Happy Birthday CardVictor Jones highlighted a significant truth about relationships being reinforced by actions when he said, "Until he acts your character is like an unfurled flag. We don't know his colors." Actions and reactions reinforce words and are the building blocks of relationships. Thus, the Sunday school teacher needs to show as well as tell each child that he or she is cared for. The teacher can do this in many ways but an important and easy way is to send a Birthday card to wish each child happy birthday! Teacher-child relationships might even mean taking an interest in your children's families or hobbies, including what they like to read or video games they like to play. It may extend to visiting the home, getting to know the family. In this way, meaningful relationships will be built up.

"Happy Birthday Relationship"
by Ron Meacock © 1982-2019

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