Sunday School Lesson
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Sunday School Lesson
Video 14
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The Sunday school lesson video will help prepare the Sunday school teacher. This is the fourth session in the program, "Kingdom Kids." We are going to look together at lesson preparation. There are seven steps which I would encourage you to take. These are prayer, reading of the curriculum, examining the relevant Bible passages, evaluating the form, deciding on the content, and running through the Sunday school lesson. We need to devote enough time for lesson preparation as this can make all the difference with the children.


As you read through the material you will discover what is in it and also what kind of resources we might need bearing in mind the theme chosen for that day. Evaluate the form of the lesson each time. Try to have a really exciting beginning and something to grab the children's attention. Set the theme and bring in content that will clarify and expand it. Build up to a high point in the lesson and then at the end allow it to ebb away, so the children are not hyper when they finish the lesson. This video is 3 minutes and 39 seconds long. Video 15 of this series on effective Sunday school page 168 can be found at Video 15.

"Sunday School Lesson"
by Ron Meacock © 1982-2019

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