Church School Reactions
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Church School Reactions
Video 11
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Teacher's Influence

This Tellout church school reactions video explains how children respond to a teacher's influence. There are several different sides to every child. We can see that if we adapt and are aware of how our children react to us then it will help as we seek to meet their particular needs. Here are some characteristics that we might find in our children. Children are generally meek though its hard to see when we have a lot of kids running around making a lot of noise.In this video we look together at the child's reaction. Children do however tend to give way to the adult as an authority figure. Secondly our children are unquestioning. Thirdly, children think tangibly. Adults can think in abstract terms whereas children think in concrete terms. For example, if we talk about Jesus saying, "I am the door" then we need to explain that to our children. A door to a child is a piece of would that fits into a hole in the wall. We need to explain that! Fourthly, children are sensitive. Be aware that when we speak what we say to them may effect them profoundly. Fifthly, the children develop steadily. You may think of a spiral for example where children come round at each level and ask us a question to which we would give them an answer. This video is 3 minutes and 15 seconds long.A complete overview of all of the Tellout Online training videos can be viewed on YouTube. Video 12 of this series on effective Sunday schools page 162 can be found at Video 12.

"Church School Reactions"
by Ron Meacock © 1982-2019

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