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Jesus Parable Teaching
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Stories Communicating Truth

Jesus Teaching the CrowdsAfter a teacher's own preparation in prayer, the first thing he or she should consider is the process by which truth is to be communicated from the adult to the child. A very useful guide to this is to look at some of the ways Jesus taught. The New Testament is full of Jesus' parable teaching as he tells stories to a crowd or addresses his disciples. Even while conversing with an individual he takes a cup of water and explains stories and parables in his teaching. As we look closer however, we discover that many different ways of communicating truth were used. Here are just a few of them.

The Sower Parable

Parable of the SowerThere are almost forty parables recorded in the Gospels, two thirds of them being found in the Gospel of Luke, only nine in Mark and not a single one in St. John! Jesus obviously loved to use earthly stories with a spiritual meaning, which is exactly what a parable is. Parables are defined as "earthly sayings with heavenly meanings." One of the better known parables is the story of the sower, which is also one of only a few found in all three of the so called Synoptic Gospels of Matthew, Mark and Luke.

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