Church School Students
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Church School Students
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Paid Teachers

In researching this page, I came across some other groundbreaking work in schools for children around the country. These were probably more like day schools rather than the Sunday school model that developed in Gloucester in 1780. Nevertheless, they are remarkable examples of the concern for impoverished children in the cities and the lack of education amongst them. On August 13th, 1736, the "Society Promoting Sunday Schools" was founded and between 1736 and 1841 had one and a quarter million school students enrolled. The Society for the Promotion of Christian Knowledge (S.P.C.K) founded six-day schools in London in 1700, and by 1704 had fifty-four schools with three thousand students. By 1712, one hundred and seventeen schools with five thousand students existed. By 1741, they had two thousand schools. These and other magnificent efforts were happening in England under the hand of God to promote schools and provide Christian education and literacy for working children.

"Church School Students"
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