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Animated Question Mark
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Attending Sunday Schools

Animated Question MarksRobert Raikes (1736-1811) an English gentleman and philanthropist, Anglican layperson and editor of the Gloucester Journal, started the first Sunday School in the town of Gloucester in South West England in the year 1780. A mark of his remarkable success was that twenty years after he died there were one point two million children attending Sunday schools in England alone. At that time, England only had a population of four and a half million, so about a quarter of the total population were attending Sunday schools. This was a remarkable achievement in any estimation even in an era of high infant mortality. They were taught initially by paid teachers and later by volunteers who all sought to be an animated question mark to their pupils.

Teachers' Gifts

Teacher and ChildrenThough society, culture and a whole gamut of other things have changed in the last two hundred and thirty eight years, the Christian gifts required by the Sunday school teacher, and the problems and joys that face him or her are essentially still the same today. Then, as now, teachers need to encourage curiosity and be an animated question mark themselves for pupils thinking minds.

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