Sunday School Miracle
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Sunday School Miracle
Video 7
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Real Life

This teaching video on miracles shows how either Bible miracles or real life ones can teach the children in the Sunday school about Jesus Christ. Jesus used miracles to bring people to faith in him. God is still working in his church. We need to assure the children that God still works in this generation to bring people to himself. Jesus also taught by repetition as the Rabbis dod in Old Testament times. We should not be afraid to do the same today. Teach the Lord's Prayer by repetition. Do the same with the Ten Commandments and the Beatitudes. By learning them off by heart the children will then be able to apply them in their own lives. The Word of God, the Bible, give us not just the stories of Jesus but the teachings of Saint Paul and the other great men and women in the Bible. These show how God does work and minister in people's lives.

Teach By Example

Finally, teach by example. Jesus showed in his life what he intended in his teaching. The children hear our words but most importantly they see our lives. We live out our Christianity and the children see our actions and learn from our words. How has the Sunday School changed since the days of Robert Raikes? What were his motives? Look for examples of those seven teaching methods that Jesus used. This video is 3 minutes and 4 seconds long. Video 8 of this series on effective Sunday school page 155 can be found at Video 8. A complete overview of all of the Tellout Online training videos can be viewed on YouTube.

"Sunday School Miracle"
by Ron Meacock © 1982-2019

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