Sunday School Movement
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Sunday School Movement
Video 4
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Foundation and Development

This Video gives us some background as to where our present Sunday school system came from and some of the historical events that brought that into being. When we look back we forget that it was born in a very different age than we have today. The Church School or Sunday School or Sabbath School Movement in England was founded and developed by Robert Raikes (1736-1811) who was the Editor of The Gloucester Journal. A friend of Mr. Raikes, William King, also held a class about the same time in Dursley Tabernacle Church in Gloucestershire and may have discussed the idea with Robert Raikes who publicized it in his Journal. Sunday schools aimed at providing education for working children including reading, writing, lettering, and learning by repetition of the alphabet, various Bible verses, hymns and poems. Various passages from William Shakespeare and other morality books were used for readings. This was the precursor of religious education on Sundays by many denominations. A complete overview of all of the Tellout Online training videos can be viewed on YouTube.

Jesus Teaching Ways

The second part of this session is to look at some of the ways and teaching methods that Jesus used in his ministry. This video is 3 minutes and 17 seconds long. Video 5 of this series on effective Sunday school page 146 can be found at Video 5.

"Sunday School Movement"
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