Sunday School Overview
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Sunday School Overview
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The first of the sections is an introduction and we look together at the foundations of Sunday school ministry and at Robert Raikes, the man who brought Sunday school ministry into being. Also in that first session we will examine some of the teaching methods that Jesus used and hopefully that we can learn from and apply in our own ministry with the children. The second section is one that deals with basic principles beginning with a Questionnaire. I hope that together you will work through some of those very important questions as to why we teach Sunday school. The third section looks together at relationships between the teacher and the children and how each relates to the other and effect one another. Hopefully, we can begin to see how we can build solid relationships with our children and so influence them in the best and most positive way.

Lesson Analysis

The fourth section looks at the lesson and we will do some analysis of the material and also at some of the steps we need to go through in order to ensure that the children are interested and encouraged and learn from the material. The fifth section has to do with organization. We hope that you will look at your existing structure as a Sunday school with a view to altering or amending it to make the most of some of the modern ideas as to how to bring in more parent teachers. Our aim is to bolster, strengthen and support your Sunday school system. The final section examines your curriculum to do some analysis of the material you are using and hopefully improve it. This Sunday school for children overview video by Tellout introduces the various sections of this series of twenty four instructional videos for teachers and clergy. This video is 3 minutes and 26 seconds long. Video 4 of this series on effective Sunday school page 149 can be found at Video 4.

"Sunday School Overview"
by Ron Meacock © 1982-2019

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