Sunday School Movement
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Founder Robert Raikes 138

Noisy Children

Raikes PictureThe noisy children and the seemingly insignificant event that Sunday afternoon in 1780 was to become the beginnings of the Sunday School movement and set Robert Raikes' mind thinking of the deprivation which existed amongst these people and especially the little ones. So began the Sunday schools and the crusade to eliminate injustice and hardship mainly through the pages of the Gloucester Journal, of which Raikes was the proprietor and editor.

Prison Reform

Raikes also sought the reform of a corrupt prison administration. He preached against the uncontrolled sale of strong drink, particularly of the gin being sold to children on every corner. He instigated a crusade for education which he believed to be an effective means of reform. He started what we call today the "The Sunday School movement."

"Sunday School Movement"
by Ron Meacock © 1982 - 2017

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