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Play Music Chords
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Only Three Changes

Man Playing GuitarThis "Play Music Chords" title is quite deliberate. Learning to play the guitar can be murder! First, you have to learn the key of C chords, then those of G, then D and so on. You then attack the problem of changing from one to another! Once you have mastered that you face the sevenths and minors! It's hard being a musician especially with sore fingertips and aching hands and wrists! Would you be interested in becoming a music maker instead? Nothing fancy, that is, just to be able to accompany singing in just about any key, but using only three simple chords and a capo.

Guitar Chords

Finger PrintIt seems a shame to me that today the emphasis is on excellence in music rather than in participation. A little child is tormented into endless practice on an upright piano learning some obscure Bach piece when all he really wants to play is a simple "Happy Birthday to You." The chirping sparrow in the infant is stifled until he or she can be a magnificent nightingale. Likewise, the student guitarist is pressed to learn not just the major chords but the minors, the sevenths and so on until fingertips throb and joints ache! (Perhaps you can relate to this personally.) I sympathize and I repeat, "How about playing the majority of Christian songs with only three chords." "No! No!" I can hear professional musicians crying. "This is barbarism! You are decimating our musical heritage!" And the church musicians chime in, "You are undermining the foundations of our worship!"

"Play Music Chords"
by Ron Meacock © 1982-2019

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