Stencil Letter Cards
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Stencil Letter Cards
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Chorus Sheets

Stencil SheetsIf you should have a problem in producing lettering, you can always resort to stencil letter cards. These can be bought in various sizes in plastic or cardboard from any large stationers store. The proper way to use stencils is to draw around the outline of each letter with a pencil, remove the stencil and then color in the shape that you have made. Be sure to set the words on a horizontal guide and keep them upright.

Freehand Lettering

StencilStencils may be a little slower than freehand lettering but they will give you a first class appearance every time which might not have been possible otherwise. It may be helpful to hang a number of chorus sheets upon a stand before the children's meeting begins or have the children come to the front and hold them up for you.

"Stencil Letter Cards"
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