Words Alongside Pictures
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Import Further Meaning 124

Portable Stories

Key Words on CardsBy adding words alongside pictures, you can import further meaning to a story or seminar talk. Illustrations are best on the fluorescent type of board which is slightly more expensive than ordinary board, but well worth it. Both sides of the material may be used. Cards can be used to challenge at the end of a talk. Pieces of card can be made removable to add significance as in the "doubt mask."

Careful Preparation

Flash CardsCareful preparation will pay large dividends to both the user, in organizing his or her thoughts carefully, and to the viewer who has a visual presentation as well as a description to concentrate on. These kind of words and picture flash cards are eminently portable and ideal where other visual equipment may not be acceptable or practical. Unlike other aids they do not require a stand or other support.✞

"Words Alongside Pictures"
by Ron Meacock © 1982 - 2017

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