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Jungle Book Stories 122

Little Children

Jungle Book FlashcardIf words cannot adequately describe some object, then it may be better to draw a good picture than to explain what it is like. Little children, who are not able to read, can be brought into a story in this way. These picture flash cards are sometimes known simply as flash cards. There are three basic types of flash cards. First, the purchased picture book type as in "The Jungle Book story" by English author Rudyard Kipling (1869-1936 AD) in which animals in the jungle take on human personalities. These became very popular and the names of Baloo the bear, Shere Khan the tiger and Mowgli the "man-cub" for example were used in the Cub Scout Movement as names for leaders. Kipling wrote the stories from his life in India for his daughter Josephine who died from pneumonia in 1899 aged six. The illustrated story books may be bought from most bookshops and simply tell the stories in picture form.✞

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