Plasti Graph Lettering
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Plasti Graph Lettering 120

Plastic Letters

PlastigraphThe Plasti graph lettering system depends on natural surface tension which is the elastic tendency between the plastic letters and a very smooth surface like glass. This phenomenon creates a natural adhesion between the very smooth thin plastic plasti-graph letters and the smooth surface of the board or a similar material like glass. It is surface tension that allows some insects to walk on water! The plastic letters come in different attractive colors, sizes and typefaces and are available at a very reasonable cost.

Surface Tension

TypefacesPlasti Graph, which is the proprietary name for this material, is ideal for highlighting key words during a talk. The plastic letters are preformed so that no artwork skills are required aside from placing them in the correct position on the board or shiny surface. In preparation, the lettering may be set up on a piece of clear film. Extra care needs to be exercised to ensure they are absolutely straight.✞

Key Words

LetteringEach key word used in the talk may be separated from the next on the display board with a sheet of tissue paper. For further information see also Communicating Word Meanings.

"Plasti Graph Lettering"
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