Magnetic Boards
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Magnetic Boards
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Galvanized Sheet Metal

Making Magnetic BoardApart from quizzes, magnetic boards are also excellent for stories, family service talks, for displaying the major points at planning meetings and a multitude of other presentations such as display boards at home. They are as good outdoors as indoors but can have the one disadvantage of being rather heavy. There are a number of companies that market magnetic boards but they do tend to be expensive. I would recommend that you consider making your own. I went down to a local large hardware store, told him what I needed and he cut me a piece of galvanized sheet metal, the kind used on heating and ventilating ducts. Using a pair of tin snips, I rounded off the corners then painted the whole thing in white gloss paint. A finishing touch might be a double layer of two-inch wide cloth tape around the edge as a border and to cover the sharp edges. Hey presto! A magnetic board produced at a fraction of the shop price! If you decide to make a magnetic board, I would recommend that you fabricate it a little larger than your other boards so that it can also be used as a projection screen for videos for a small group of people or children's group.

"Magnetic Boards"
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