Dry-Erase Marker
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Dry-Erase Marker
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Attractive Display Systems

Neon MarkerboardI find the dry-erase marker system to be easy to use, clean and very attractive. You can either buy a board already finished with a special porcelain finish or purchase the same finish in roll form on a self-adhesive backing. This is sometimes called a "Dry-erase" or "Dry-wipe" finish. The dry-erase surface is extremely hard and resistant to the color dyes found in the markers, so they will leave no stain.

Easy to Use

Children PlayingThese dry-erase markers are moist when applied but dry to powder immediately without losing any of their colors. They are available in a number of bright colors and shades and will work not only on proprietary boards but on glass, mirrors, or even on unpainted metal. Because the markers dry to a powder, an ordinary chalkboard eraser will easily remove the remnant of the lettering.

Children's Workers

PlastigraphThe dry-erase marker leaves no dust on the floor unlike chalkboard and is much brighter and more attractive to use. The dry-erase system is sometimes combined with a magnetic board. If you have difficulty forming letters for your magnetic board or other equipment, then you may want to try another preformed plastic lettering system called "Plasti-graph."

"Dry-Erase Marker"
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