Bubble Letter Marker
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Bubble Letter Marker
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Water Based

Cut Out Bubble LetterA simple way to produce bubble lettering is to cut square, rectangular or sloping shapes of the bubble letter frames out of colored sheets of gummed paper and then take a pair of scissors and round off the corners to form each letter. This very pleasing and impressive effect allows you to adjust the bubble letters not only on a horizontal base line but also on a curved one if you wish.

Curved Base Line

Bubble Letters GroupLetters on a curved baseline are normally very difficult to accomplish well without the actual physical letters to position. Using cut out letters allows you to see the overall effect before you commit yourself to stick down the gummed letters on the board or paper for a presentation. This is also true with graffiti type letters which can be made to overlap one another. Various artists are now producing their own custom graffiti alphabets with such colorful names as Hoodson Script, Fat Wandals, Scare Arms, Grizzly Attack, Mersey Cowboy, Bubble Collor, Yo Style, and Sloppy Paint.✞

Felt Tip Markers

Felt Tip MarkersTo draw bubble letters on card or paper, two different types of felt tip markers are available. These are water-based felt tip markers or spirit-based markers sometimes called permanent markers. The latter has a distinctive petroleum type of smell. Permanent markers leave a brighter colored line, but also tend to soak into the surrounding paper. Water-based markers produced by Blick and other companies use water soluble inks but not all are washable. Consider this when you are purchasing. Some packs contain up to 60 different colors. Some have certain advantages however especially when used in children's groups. I would personally recommend washable felt tip markers with children under five as the water-based inks can be washed off hands and clothes more easily! Spirit based markers have a crisp clear outline on any smooth surface such as sheet metal or even plaster board.

Non-Toxic Markers

FlipchartWater based markers are usually non-toxic so are quite safe with infants. Another big advantage of water based markers is that they can sometimes be individually topped up with special inks obtainable from a large stationer's store. You can also buy dual brush pen markers, washable classroom packs, scented markers and the ones I particularly like biggie markers on the internet. With a little care, felt tip markers can be great fun and last for a long time without needing to be replaced.

"Bubble Letter Marker"
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