Marker Board Letters
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Marker Board Letters
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White Board

White BoardFor those who want to develop the marker board letters techniques on a regular basis with groups using bubble or ladder letters, there is a four color marker kit which could be of considerable help. Three felt markers, one quarter inch, one inch and two inches wide, stand in a reservoir of their own for each color and are all connected together with a convenient carrying handle. Pots of top-up inks and large pads of ready lined paper can also be obtained to refill and augment the marker board letters kit as required. This can be an extremely useful tool for a school teacher, an enterprising Sunday school superintendent or a minister in displaying key words or phrases in bubble or ladder letters. Another special type of felt tip pen is used in the dry erase marker system.

Dry Erase System

Dry Erase and Magnetic BoardThe dry erase marker board system is a proprietary unit involving a patented coated or non-porous laminated surface. Glass is an ideal non-porous surface for this kind of use. It is sometimes white or cream in color and often combined with a magnetic backing so that magnetic letters can also be used. A plastic holder is provided which carries five markers, a cleaner and a series of sheets of cleaning paper. Bubble or ladder alphabets can be easily used with this kind of marker board letters system.

"Marker Board Letters"
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