Bubble Letters Alphabet
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Bubble Letters Alphabet
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Bubble Letters AlphabetBubble letters are an attractive alternative to ordinary writing for display by teachers, preachers, and communicators. They can be used in the production of visual aids either for the classroom, the art class, art graffiti or as a teaching tool to an audience in a large or small space. "Graffiti," by the way, is the plural of "graffito" from "graffio" meaning a "scratch." Graffiti was originally writings or drawings scratched or drawn on walls or boards. Some graffiti images date back to the Egyptian Greek and Roman eras. Modern bubble letters produce a quick, pleasing and easy substitute to line lettering or printed letters for flashcards or headings cards. I have personally used bubble letters with great success many times over the years in my teaching.

Graffiti Art

Bubble Letters ColorBubble letters can make an impressive graffiti art form and highly stylized letter types are appearing all the time, not just on rail cars but on large walls and on canvases. Sometimes extensive graffiti works of art are planned as an outlet for aspiring artists. This is certainly true for street artists like the anonymous and controversial "Banksy" (1974?-present) whose masterpieces on walls in England are highly acknowledged as satirical masterpieces. The letters in both ladder or bubble letter styles are also produced quickly and are very impressive! Once you have mastered this technique, people will be astonished at the instant results you can achieve with a stroke of the paintbrush or felt tip marker.

Letter Frameworks

Rubber Soul Bubble LettersBubble letters are formed in a manner similar to ladder lettering. First, pencil out boxes on a sheet of paper or card in the proportions of 1 unit wide by 2 units high for each bubble letter. These can be 2" x 4" or 4" x 8" or 1" x 2" but always in the same proportions, that is one unit wide and two units high. The "M" and "W" letters are one and a half units wide and two units high, the "1's" and the "I's" are a half unit wide and two units high. Every other letter is one unit wide and two units high. Next, take a pencil and draw in the rounded off corners of each bubble letter on your paper, making sure that all the sides of the letters touch the frame everywhere except at the corners.

Pear Shaped Letter

BubblesFor a bubble letter italic effect, that is with letters leaning towards the left or the right, slope the vertical penciled out boxes for the letters. To form pear-shaped letters widen the base of the boxes to say two units wide at the base, one unit wide at the top and two units high. One can use any combination of these and overlap the pear-shaped letters for effect. To be really artistic, try drawing a curved baseline with a compass and a central arc point some way above it (or below it) then draw a parallel line the letter height of two units above it with your pencil and finally mark off the individual letters of a half, one or two units wide with their vertical lines radiating from the center point. Lightly pencil in the corners and you are ready to complete your bubble letters masterpiece!

"Bubble Letters Alphabet"
by Ron Meacock © 1982-2019

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