Ladder Letters Words
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Ladder Letters Words
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Come Into Sight

LetteringThe artist introduces his paintwork with the words, "Therefore people make all kinds of excuses." At this point, he has already drawn out a ladder-like frame across the top of the board for his ladder letters and words. The swollen crowd presses forward to see what he is doing. Silence settles and then a gasp as suddenly letters begin to appear as the dots and slashed at the white spaces to make letters appear. Two strokes of the brush and a letter C comes into sight. Another deft cut and there is a letter U. So he completes the ladder letters words. "Some people find excuses for not going to school, not going to the dentist and not leaving the party early. Some find excuses for not believing in." Meanwhile, a green hill and the outline of a cloud above it have appeared. More words pour out, this time in ordinary writing. "I'M TOO" then more ladder lettering. He then says, "Some people race through life thinking only of their own pleasure, they are fun-seekers." The letters for the word "FUN" mysteriously come into sight to the right of the ladder.

"Ladder Letters Words"
by Ron Meacock © 1982-2019

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