Paint Brush Effect
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Paint Brush Effect
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Bright Fluorescent Colors

Landscape PaintingA large sheet or pad of newsprint paper is fixed to a board and the artist prepares a box of five or six small pots of ready-mixed fluorescent poster paints and a variety of brushes sizes. Bright fluorescent colors produce a very pleasing paint brush effect when used in the open air. The board and easel are set up for the maximum visibility on a busy street corner or market place. A lady passing by pauses inquisitively as the artist opens up his box of paints and takes out some one and two inch domestic paint brushes. All is ready, and a small group has gathered so he begins. "Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen." Scrolling out a blue border, a kind of picture frame appears for his work. Taking the red brush he embellishes the corners with a crimson blob. All the time he is talking.✞

"Paint Brush Effect"
by Ron Meacock © 1982-2018

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