Flip Chart Markers
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Newsprint Pad

Flip ChartThe ever popular flip chart is simply a large pad of newsprint paper, which is the inexpensive paper used for newspapers, hung on a display stand and used in conjunction with flip chart markers or less often with paint. At conferences, seminars, or group meetings these markers are used to record group conclusions or to register ideas on a subject or answers to a question. This visual representation of the views of those in the group helps everyone to develop their ideas or solutions to a problem or situation.

Check Markers

Flipchart MarkersBefore the meeting starts however, check the marker pens, which are the plastic pens containing their own ink source and a felt or other tip to make the letters, are not dried up. Don't assume that someone else has done this for you as they always seem to be dry when you need them most! A useful development of the flip chart type of approach was introduced some years ago as sketch board technique.

"Flip Chart Markers"
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