Children Story Presentation
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Children Story Presentation
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Flannel Board Pieces

Flannel Board PiecesFlannel board also called flannelgraph is a storytelling system that uses a board covered with flannel fabric, usually resting on an easel or sitting on a table stand. Its primary use is as a storytelling medium, rather than as a toy. There is a certain art in the presenter getting the presentation of a children's story right. If some flannel board pieces have to go off to the side and then return later you can retain them between your third and fourth fingers of your hand until they are needed. Another help is to number the backs of the figures so that they can be easily set up for the story again without going back to the instruction booklet. Generally, the pieces themselves help to remind me of the twists and turns in the tale as I am going along. Walk a character across the board when the story calls for it, and make an angel or a bird fly if it fits the context. The children will imagine the rest!

Flipchart Presentation

Another type of visual medium which is used extensively with adult groups at conferences and to present a children's story is the flipchart.✞

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