Flannel Board Stories
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Flannel Board Stories
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Felt-Backed Characters

Flannel Board Story Lady looking into a mirrorCare should be taken in preparing the flannel graph board and the felt backed characters so that they are in order of sequence in one's hand. Flannelgraph or flannel board stories are a series of felt backed characters that adhere to a felt board for telling a story or illustrating a talk. It can be helpful to lay the story characters face down on a card folder so that when you turn them over they are ready to be placed on the board in sequence. We wouldn't want Goliath down and out before David has let fly with the stone! It is wise to rehearse the story thoroughly beforehand and practice it if need be in front of a mirror, placing and removing the pieces from the flannel board stories as you go. Close the door behind you and tell the story out loud to an imaginary audience in the mirror. You may be wise to warn an unsuspecting spouse or parent in case he or she should overhear and come stumbling in! If you practice your story well and you will be able to hold the attention of your hearers on the day of the talk.

"Flannel Board Stories"
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