Flannel Board Figures
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Flannel Board Figures
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Church Army Sister

Church Army Sister, Bishop and RectorA good crowd of youngsters had gathered around the flannel board, many of them in swimming gear, and after singing several rousing choruses settled down to listen to the Bible story from Sister. The flannel board and stand were set in a prominent position and the tale began to unfold. The first figure was placed on the board. Whoosh! With a gust, the flannel figure fluttered across the stony beach to roars of laughing cheers from the children. Sister undaunted continued while the flannel board figures were retrieved. Hoping to restore matters she pressed the next flannel figure in place, this time smoothing it over more carefully. The children's attention was riveted on the board. Would the piece fly off, or not? Whoosh! Again, pandemonium broke out. Then, yet another glided away!

"Flannel Board Figures"
by Ron Meacock © 1982-2018

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