Flannel Board Story
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Flannel Board Story
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Wonderful Teaching Method

Boy and flannel boardThere are a wide variety of ready-made flannel board storybooks containing most of the Bible stories available on the market. You can also buy ready-printed felt backgrounds to dramatize the effect of an outdoor scene at the lakeside or in front of the Temple or to add a background to an indoor scene.

Attractive Colorful

Flannel BoardThe previous comments regarding board shape, color and attractiveness apply as much to a flannel board as to a chalkboard. Ideally, every board should be the same size so that they can be used one behind the other to follow a story with a quiz or a memory verse. Flannel Board can, however, have its pitfalls. We have maybe seen the person who places a figure on the board and then insists on rubbing it five or six times over, just to make sure it stays on. An uneasy nervousness with the flannel board medium is evident, a "will it stay or won't it" anxiety.

Beware High Winds

Church Army Sister, Bishop and ClergymanIt is best to practice what you are doing until you feel confident with the narrative, the flannel board figures and the backgrounds. I am reminded of one enthusiastic Church Army Sister who decided to try a beautifully illustrated flannel Bible story in the open-air. It was a warm but overcast day at Lowestoft on the North East coast of England, with a gentle breeze blowing steadily off the sea. Taking account of this, Sister had made some cardboard windshields to place around the flannel board. But that was just the beginning!

"Flannel Board Story"
by Ron Meacock © 1982-2019

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