Chalkboard Work
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Chalkboard Work
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Ornate Drawings

ChalkChalkboard or blackboard is used widely as a teaching medium in the classroom in schools everywhere. In mission work or evangelism, it is especially useful for children's quizzes and rub-out memory verses during children's mission activities. With adults, the chalkboard is also handy for recording comments in group sessions or in listing major "bullet" points in presentations. It is, therefore, a good investment for any organization to buy or better still make a number of boards, some fixed on walls and others portable. Many small groups working around a table might prefer a table stand for their chalkboard visuals.✞

Dust Free Chalks

Board and ChalkYellow and white chalks and other colors too are available in a dust free type. Chalkboard paint in green can be purchased from most large paint stores for homemade boards, and don't forget to round off the corners of the board like a TV screen. Finally, felt erasers which clean up the chalk are available for producing a clean board after use. An interesting variation on chalkboard is a type of pastel work currently popular with some open-air workers. They draw beautifully ornate drawings in a myriad of colors and intricate designs on open pavements and can also be used to bring the Gospel message alive.

Dedication to Teaching

Pavement Chalk ArtI will always recall a much loved and quietly eccentric history master at my grammar school in Birkenhead, Cheshire. Mr. William Williamson was deeply in love with his subject which happened to be history. Though he had been retired and brought back a number of times, he still took great pains and enthusiasm during the morning and afternoon breaks when his colleagues were drinking their cups of tea and coffee to spend his time instead sketching out an ornate scene on the class chalkboard in a multiplicity of colors.✞


BlackboardMr. Williamson's "Battle of Waterloo" was breathtakingly action-packed, his "Charge of the Light Brigade" electrifying! Yet all he used was a large blackboard, some colored chalks and a lot of loving care. The greatly loved Mr. Williamson, had a passionate concern to share the love of his life, which was his history with the boys who were his students. Christians have much to learn about dedication from the likes of him!

"Chalkboard Work"
by Ron Meacock © 1982-2019

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