Television's Visual Shape
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Television's Visual Shape
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Rounded Corners

Newsreaders on TVThe visual shape of a television screen is widely used to convey all kinds of messages. The newsreader at ten not only tells you about the story but takes you right into the action with a video clip. The weather forecaster not only explains what it will be like tomorrow but shows you a beautifully prepared visual with satellite photos thrown in for good measure. Yet what does that same viewer get from the Vicar in church? It is generally not the subject at fault, it is the visual presentation! To be effective, we need to present our message in picture form as well as in word form. Our visuals must be well made, attractive and in bright colors in order to compete with the expected norm in our society which is television.

Subconscious Associations

Television ScreenKnowing that most people are greatly influenced by television brings us to another subtlety. Without thinking, people automatically tend to glance at a television screen when they enter a room. Subconsciously, they associate the rectangular television shape and rounded corners with well produced, interesting and entertaining things. The current High Definition, 4D TV's are elongated and rectangular in shape and sometimes slightly curved. The Christian worker can help to attract and hold his audience to his message by fabricating all his display boards and cards in the same general shape and appearance as a television screen. In many years in children's work and adult ministry, both inside and outside the church, I have seen this subtle trick work over and over again using rectangular display boards with rounded corners.

"Television's Visual Shape"
by Ron Meacock © 1982-2019

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