Television Expectations
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Television Expectations
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Visual Message

TelevisionOne of the greatest sources of pleasure in the home aside from computers and handhelds is television. Children are hypnotized by a cartoon when nothing else will calm them. Adults are glued to their chairs at home for four or five hours of hockey or baseball. Housewives abandon all else so that they can take in the next episode of their favorite soap opera on TV. Programming rules our lives in North America where audiences number in the millions! We develop great expectations from our televisions.

People's Exalted Presumptions

Circus TentIn the old days, a traveling circus created a great stir in a town. The dog that could roll over on command and the clown who could balance a ball on a stick on his chin received tumultuous applause. What about today? The average person would walk past this kind of activity in the street without even so much as turning his or her head. At home on television, he could see a motorcyclist leap over sixteen buses or through a flaming ring of fire within a hair's breadth of a fiery death every night of the week on "That's Incredible" or "You Asked For It." Television has no doubt affected peoples' attitudes and expectations and as such we must "up our game" in preaching the Gospel.

"Television Expectations"
by Ron Meacock © 1982-2019

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