Miracle Mineral Water
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Miracle Mineral Water
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Dead Sea

Man floating on the Dead SeaA man was once walking along the shores of the Dead Sea and losing his balance fell headlong into the lake water. Not being able to swim, he thrashed his arms around and shouted for help for all he was worth. But not a soul was in sight, and he thought that he was finished. He splashed and paddled as best he could but as time went by he eventually tired. At last, he could manage no more and resigned himself to a watery grave.✞

Natural Salts

Salt CellarsThen, miracle of miracles, as he relaxed he found that he wasn't sinking after all! The mineral laden water was so full of natural salts that his body naturally bobbed to the surface. All he had to do was relax! In the service of the Lord God, all we need to discover is how to relax and to trust him completely like the miracle mineral water. When God's Son, Jesus Christ, lives and reigns in our hearts we can know for sure that he will not fail us if we only will give him a chance and trust him.

"Miracle Mineral Water"
by Ron Meacock © 1982-2018

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