Prophet Jeremiah's Call
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Prophet Jeremiah's Call
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Move Around Freely

two gold coinsLike the prophet Jeremiah's call, the Christian call is also similar to a two-sided coin. On the one side is our own free response to God, on the other our certain destiny. Think of yourself if you can for a moment as a fly within a balloon! You can move around freely within its expanded walls, but when someone tugs on the string the balloon moves with you in it and goes wherever they want to take you. This is so with God and is a simple picture of what is really a very loving and warm relationship with the Lord.

Jeremiah's Call

Finely Cut EmeraldThe prophet Jeremiah's call may also be illustrated by a jewel, finely cut and shining. When the light falls on one facet it appears blue, but turn it in your fingers just slightly and you see red! So, what color is the jewel? It is both red and blue and maybe other colors depending on how the light falls on it. Each call is different depending upon the person, the circumstances and God's need. Jeremiah was one man on whom the light of God fell. Jeremiah's call is an excellent example of the special and unique call God has for each one of us.

"Prophet Jeremiah's Call"
by Ron Meacock © 1982-2018

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