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Bible Verses 80

An Opportunity to Respond

FishingIn my mind, there is nothing more tragic than when a minister preaches well, the Word of God speaks to the people's hearts, the Holy Spirit touches that person's heart, and then the minister turns away without giving them an opportunity to respond! Another few moments and a prayer of dedication offered for those who need it, and who knows how many angels would have been rejoicing in heaven. We can never tell when God has touched a life.✞

All Eternity Held its Breath

Blackpool Beach and TowerI vividly recall one occasion on the promenade at Blackpool, a seaside resort in Northern England. A small group of us missioners, on a cold night, had just started a meeting when it began to rain. Soon even those few who had been listening sped away to find shelter, all except for one middle-aged man in a light grey coat leaning against a lamp post. Somehow we sensed that God was speaking to him through us, so we continued to tell of the need for Christ. A teenager gave a haltering testimony. A series of Bible verses were shouted out over the portable microphone. Still he listened intently to every word, his hair wet and dripping. His moment had come, all eternity held its breath, and quietly and humbly he asked for forgiveness from sin from God and gave his heart to Jesus. Evangelists need to focus their "spiritual eye" - the one that sees a person ready to respond to God, tell of their need for Christ and then lead them to Christ. There is no higher calling and no greater privilege.✞

"Tell Need Christ"
by Ron Meacock © 1982 - 2017

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