Common Language Words
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Common Language Words
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Speaking into an EarEach of our three communicators Mercedes, Chevette and Trike has a language bubble which contains the common language words and phrases each one is accustomed to using. Mercedes for example knows what a "debenture" and a "lien" mean from his experience in the business world. Chevette understands about "steam traps," "studs" and "dues." Trike on the other hand doesn't know many words at all yet except for the basic ones like, "don't touch!" - "come along this minute!" and "No!" - but nothing too complicated. However, Trike's range is growing week by week and will eventually probably reach that of his parents.


Speaker at PodiumThe vocabulary range understood by most adults contains "Common Language Words." All the common language words are understood by both Mercedes and Chevette. Boilermakers, bakers, housewives and wind surfers have their own special vocabulary but everyone has many words in common. Everybody has a different range of words depending upon his or her education, age, and experiences. The key in evangelism is to be sure that the words we use are readily understood by our hearers. That is not to say that we cannot use new words with children. We can and should try to extend their understanding of words but when we use an unfamiliar one we need to immediately explain it.

"Common Language Words"
by Ron Meacock © 1982-2018

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