Meaningful Evangelism Language
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Meaningful Evangelism Language
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Understand Familiar Words

BeggarsThe classic definition from D.T.Niles (1908-1970) of "evangelism" was, "One beggar telling another beggar where to find bread." However, many Christians today do not know the language of the beggars. Whether we are using the right language or not in this TV age will largely determine our success or otherwise in evangelism. We must be sure that we are not giving answers to non-existent questions. What we need is effective language.✞

Effective Communication

Mercedes and Chevette MenThe evangelism message, like all other effective communication, is comprised of three elements, a source, a message and a receiver. Communication often breaks down when the message from the source is not at a level the receiver can readily understand. Consider three people as distinguished by their means of transportation. The first was "Mercedes." He was fairly well off, had a good university education, read the business papers and carried a briefcase to work in the city. The second was "Chevette." He was a member of a union, read a popular tabloid newspaper and carried a lunch box to work in a petrochemical plant. The third was "Trike." He was five years old, in grade one and is led by the hand to school every day. What kind of language would be most easily understood by each of these receivers, do you think?✞

"Meaningful Evangelism Language"
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