Logical Parent Traits
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Logical Parent Traits
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Subconscious Level

Power SwitchLogical parent traits could present problems in a Christian witnessing situation. Some people have been taught by their parents never to discuss religion, so when faith was mentioned their "logical parent traits" mechanism shut down the logical thought patterns and emotions to automatically change the subject or to switch off their mind completely. This block prevented the "adult" or the "child" responses. As this was basically an objection to thinking through the subject, the best approach was to search in the child area for an emotional response to God and work with that. There was always the danger of the fuse blowing again once you mentioned God but the Holy Spirit could break through at a subconscious level when human resources failed.✞


LogicThese three responses may be seen quite clearly in the way that people related to God. The "adult" was seen in the verse to verse counseling chains and Bible exposition and appealed to the logical parent traits in all of us. The "child" was seen in the emotional hymn or the quietly repetitive or meditational prayer. The "parent" was evident when someone said, "But we were always taught to do it this way," perhaps because a minister or parent had said so! So we can see that by understanding our natural responses more clearly, we may be better able to lead someone to Jesus who would otherwise not find Him.✞

"Logical Parent Traits"
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