Reformer Martin Luther
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Reformer Martin Luther
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Spinal Cord

Mother and ChildIt is commonly understood that we need each other. Two people need to talk to one another for their own well-being. They need to socialize, share, encourage and build up one another up by exchange. In terms of response, this is understood to mean, 'If you are not stroked, your spinal cord will shrivel up!'"

Encourage One Another

Reformer Martin LutherIn the early days of the Protestant Reformation, the Reformer Martin Luther (1483-1546) who was a German professor of Theology and leading figure in the Protestant Reformation Movement was summoned to the city of Worms in the Rhineland to debate with the all powerful and much feared leaders of the Roman Church hierarchy. The streets were crowded. The multitudes were silent. The leader of the new faith pressed steadily, almost stonily on. Suddenly a voice, clear as a bell, rang through the air. "Luther, play the man. Luther, play the man. Fear not death. It can but slay the body. There is life beyond." In a moment, Martin straightened up renewed and encouraged. He was renewed like the martyr Polycarp (c117-155 AD) who was an Apostolic Fathers in the second century, who faced martyrdom for his faith. His spinal cord had also been stroked and he had received the courage he needed! Even so he was bound up and burned at the stake, then stabbed when the fire amazingly failed to touch him.✞

"Reformer Martin Luther"
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