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Know Yourself 65

The Self Window

The Johari Window or the "Johari House" is named after its developers Joseph Luft (1916-2014 AD) and Harrington Ingham (1916-1995 AD) in the United States in 1955. Their names Joseph and Harrington combine together to form the unusual title "Johari." This is described as a cognitive psychology tool. Joseph Luft wrote in "Of Human Interaction," in 1969 "It is one of the most useful models describing the process of human interaction." It is a technique used to help people better understand their relationship with themselves as well as with others and with God.✞

Four Quadrants

The Self WindowIn my version, which I have called, "The Self Window" I have renamed the four quadrants in the Johari model called "the Arena, the Facade, the Blind Spot and the Unknown" and also indicated the ways in which each relate to the "free" area. In the new "Self Window" these four areas are called "the Free, the Hidden, the Blind and the Dark." We can learn certain basic principles from the Johari window that will help us understand ourselves, perform our relationships well and prevent us from being closed minded.✞

Understand Openness

The Roman Satirist JuvenalThe first thing the Johari window teaches us is that we need to know ourselves. "The maxim 'Know Yourself' comes down to us from the skies," wrote the Roman satirist Juvenal in the 1st century AD. "It should be imprinted on the heart, and stored in the memory, whether you are looking for a wife, or wishing for a seat in the sacred senate." The evangelist might add to these ancient words, "or leading another to Christ." To know and understand yourself is a first-order priority for any mature individual. When we begin to understand our own selves then we are entering into the possibility of change, hopefully for the better. We already know and understand the "free" area but now we can become open to feedback in our "blind" area, be exposed to the "hidden" areas of our life by a counsellor and in the "dark" area even perhaps receive revelation from God himself.✞

"The Johari Window"
by Ron Meacock © 1982 - 2017

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