Christ Centered Evangelism
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Christ Centered Evangelism
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Personal Faith Sharing

Diagram Christ CentredThere are certain basic principles of Christ centred evangelism that will help us perform our personal faith sharing well if we stick to them and prevent us from being sidetracked. The way we go about our task, is all important. First, we must realize that all we do and all we say should stem from our personal relationship to Christ. Our ministry must be "Christ centered."

Bible Based

Youth TrioSecond, what we say, the words we string into sentences, our thoughts and ideas about God and Jesus should be based upon what we know about him from the Bible. In other words, we need to be "Bible Based." Otherwise, we can possibly end up setting up ourselves as authorities in opposition to the Scriptures as the ultimate truth, the Word of God.

Person Related

Third, our message should be "person related." It needs to be at the level that our hearers can understand and in their own language, which may be more difficult than we might imagine at first even for English speaking people!✞

"Christ Centered Evangelism"
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