Evangelist Prophet Message
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Evangelist Prophet Message
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Through Human Channels

Anglican PriestIn parallel with this new order of evangelists came a revision to the priestly order. The apostles and later Christian priests developed a pastoral and administrative role through human channels as maintainers of the religious order in place of the Levites.

Professional Ministers

PriestThe great majority of our professional ministers fulfill this role today. Their intended task is not so much to go beyond the church gates with the Good News for those outside, but to give pastoral oversight to the Christian flock who are given this evangelistic function. Like the priests of the Old Covenant, these pastors eventually came to be responsible for the ordering of ceremonies, although this was probably not the case with the absence of church buildings during the first three hundred or so years of the Christian era.

Neglected Message Tragedy

CongregationThe tragedy today is that the evangelist prophet message has been largely neglected while the full-time pastoral role has dominated. Perhaps desiring a tight organizational framework, the church has purposely subverted the uncontrollable elements of the lay evangelist prophet. The congregation of the faithful were taught that their minister did the work while they sat back and received. Their spiritual gifts were subsequently ignored. Today, however, there are hopeful signs that the message and the messengers are resurfacing. More clergy and pastors are encouraging their people to speak out, to be involved in visiting the sick, to use the business skills that few clergy have, to take a lead. So the great body of ordinary Christians is again becoming the prime mover in evangelism, and not the passive recipients of the pastor's ministries. The evangelist prophet message is again rightly becoming the ministry which the full-time pastor is building up and supporting!

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