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Angel Message Today
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Good News

Angel backed by the starsAn evangelist is someone who has God's message of salvation and who takes that message and shares it. An evangelist is literally "a bringer of good news" The Greek word is "euangelistes." This word may also be translated as "to announce well." An angel is an other-than-human type of evangelist, who also takes today's message from God and shares it with the people or person designated. The "Good News" and the idea of "going" are tied in with both the role of the angel and the role of the evangelist.✞

Priests and Prophets

Evangelist at PodiumThroughout history, God has always had two groups of enthusiastic followers. What was true in the Old and the New Testament times is also true today. There were those who represented humans to God, the priestly maintainers of religious order. Then there were those who represented God to humans, the evangelistic, prophetic group. They were people with God's message, who were prepared to tell it no matter what. So, in the New Testament era you have the dual ministry of the evangelist and the priest and its equivalent in Old Testament times, the prophet and the priest.

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