Active Christian Soldiers
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Active Christian Soldiers
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Pink Question Mark

Suits of armour, Lanes Armoury BrightonThe presentation over, Sir Horace dropped into the large leather chair next to me. The polite applause subsided. Shifting his position tentatively, he asked me, "And where were you active, soldier?" A reassuring smile tip-toed across his face. An embarrassed Cheshire cat grin slipped across mine. Sensing my discomfort, he proceeded to ease my predicament. "Which unit were you with? The Medical Corps and the Royal Engineers are both fine bodies of men, doing a great support job for our boys." An inquisition followed until he finally realized that I had never been enlisted as an active soldier at all. "How can you belong to a Military Club if you have never even been trained as an active soldier! Buying a uniform doesn't make you an active soldier you know! And neither does listening to another soldier talking about the conflict he had seen," he insisted firmly. "You've no right to be here!"

Club Member

Pink Question MarkI paled under this constant barrage of irritating questions. "How dare he interrogate me." I huffed. "I've been a faithful member of this club for these past ten years and always paid my dues regularly, not like some I know. It's not as if I've been a traitor to their cause!" My mind rummaged around looking for excuses. "I wasn't too well the weekend of the training exercises. I could get hurt and not be able to go to work." A warm glow came over me as I remembered with satisfaction a certain Mr. DeValvis who broke his leg on one field trip and was never the same again. "Then there's all that mud and dirt," I told myself, "that's no fun either." Suddenly, in a blinding revelation, it dawned upon me. "You have to be an active soldier to belong to a Military Club!" In the same way, you have to be an active Christian soldier to truly belong to the church.

"Active Christian Soldiers"
by Ron Meacock © 1982-2019

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