Action Club Soldier
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Action Club Soldier
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Machete with Case

Machete with caseThere was great excitement concerning the Action Club Soldier the other day. Mrs. Littlehampton had just finished dusting "Custer's Last Stand" and "The Charge of the Light Brigade", when in walked our eminent visitor and distinguished Soldier who had seen action around the world. A murmur of anticipation drifted from chair to chair for this face was well known for his television series "The Vietnam Conflict - the Wolves of War." "Gentlemen," our president announced with a flourish, "it is my great honor to present to you our very distinguished visitor, the Commander-in-Chief of the South Eastern Sector, Major General Sir Horace Barclay." A coo of satisfaction slipped around the club room. Sir Horace beamed brightly and appreciatively, his glistening white teeth shining in a golden suntanned face under a shock of pitch black hair.✞

Firsthand Knowledge

PistolSir Horace spoke with the confidence of someone who had firsthand knowledge of military action. Each phrase was eagerly sought after and soaked up by his audience. Proudly he held aloft the actual MZ72 pistol he had used in action - then a polished steel machete he had brandished as a soldier in the dense tropical undergrowth. The blade slipped snugly back into the battle-scarred leather case like a hand in a tight leather glove. Finally he displayed a series of actual field photographs of the jungle fighting, and of the training camps and military headquarters used for his television series.✞

"Action Club Soldier"
by Ron Meacock © 1982-2018

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