Joshua's Faith Miracles
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Joshua's Faith Miracles
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Prison Bars

Stream BedThe greatest of Joshua's faith miracles was that the River Jordan stopped exactly when, where and how it did in order to allow the people to cross. The river Jordan had stopped flowing previously on other occasions. On December 8 1267, an Arab historian recorded that the Jordan River was dry for sixteen hours at a place called Adam because the current undercut the bank and the landslide that followed dammed the flow. In 1927, the river was again dry for twenty-one hours due to the same phenomena. God still worked miracles like Joshua's in people's lives. Some may scoff and say it is coincidental or good luck, but Christians know the difference. Christians can recognize a miracle from God, but to act on it they need vision.✞

The Leader's Vision

Hands on Prison BarsDale Carnegie (1888-1955) was a famous author, lecturer and developer of several famous courses in self improvement. He wrote "How to Stop Worrying and Start Living." One of his famous quotes from this book was: "Two men looked out of prison bars; The one saw mud; the other stars." Joshua and the people of Israel faced new ways and followed Dale Carnegie's approach in Joshua 3.4. The Lord God had told him, "You have never been this way before." Joshua could have drawn back from fear of the unknown but he didn't because of his faith in God's miracles. He had determination. So had President John F. Kennedy (1917-1963) who said, "Some men see things and say 'Why?' I see things and say `Why not!'" Joshua's faith miracles and vision encouraged the people to see the stars and not the prison bars. We were encouraged to venture out for God in the same way too!

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