Shepherd Minister
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Shepherd Minister
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Laity Builder

Archangel GabrielThe shepherd minister, as I see it, should be primarily a "shepherd of the shepherds." He should be the builder of the laity and the one who draws out their evangelism gifts. The word "shepherd comes from two Old English words "sceap" meaning "sheep" and "hierde" meaning "herder." The shepherds are therefore the herders of sheep. Ideally, the shepherd minister should not also be the administrator, nor the leader of worship and certainly not the treasurer, gardener or choirmaster. They should be able to look for leadership skills and other gifts in lay people in the congregation and use them to the fullest.

Archangel Gabriel

I am always amused to read the list of qualities required by an appointment committee for a new minister for a congregation. Invariably, the list contains all the gifts present in the committee members and then some. The only possible candidate for some positions would be the Archangel Gabriel himself, and then only if he was prepared to take some night classes in furnace maintenance! As shepherds, individual Christian people could take up their responsibilities. Jesus told Peter in John 21.17 to "feed my sheep" and in John 21.15, "Feed my lambs." Shepherding was everyone's job but it was also hard work!

"Shepherd Minister"
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