Timid Church People
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Timid Church People
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Abraham Lincoln

Abraham LincolnAnother roadblock to church growth is timid church people. During the Civil War, the President of the United States, Abraham Lincoln (1809-1865) complained that he could get any number of men who were "willing to shed their last drop of blood for the nation." The problem, said Lincoln, was that he found it difficult to get anyone willing to shed their first drop! Christians are also prone to talk about what they will do for Jesus by and by, but not now. Lack of confidence and timidity causes some declining churches to defer a decision until the next meeting or the next year. Perhaps if they sit tight, they imagine, someone or something new will come along to save them. They keep their fingers crossed and hope for the best.

Somebody Else's Responsibility

Anglican MinisterAnother excuse used for not getting on with church growth and evangelism is that it is somebody else's responsibility. It's amazing how many lay people feel that the only one who should work in a church is the minister, and many ministers agree with this assumption! The duplicating machine has broken down, they ring the minister! There's a leak in the roof, they phone for the Rector. Mrs. Smith had a fall and needs a visit, only the clergy can go. Some ministers tell their people how much they abhor this kind of dependence on one person in a church, then get upset when people do something without telling them!

"Timid Church People"
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