Church Fatness Growth
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Social Fatness

EagleChurch fatness growth seems to be the major form of church growth in many churches. There are at least two forms of fatness growth that can occur. First, it happens in the "social fatness" type of church. Here, the people major on big dinners, bingo bonanza and picnic parties, in fact anything to raise money and keep the church going. The idea is that you invite people in to eat or to play or to receive some kind of enjoyment and hope that they will stay to make church members. The fellowship of church believers becomes little more than an exclusive club. Not many church clubs even have God as a member! Evangelism Growth however is the sole vehicle for lasting church growth. Evangelism growth seeks to add meaning to life for those people within the church and endeavors to share the Good News with others outside.✞

Evangelism Expansion

Evangelism Growth results in expansion both inside and outside the church. Inside, in that church members are personally deepened and challenged as the Gospel is preached, lived out and the Word of God unfolded. Outside, in that being so inspired these people want to share this same wonderment with others. As Charles Wesley (1707-1788 AD) expressed it one of his 6,000 hymns, "My chains fell off, my heart was free. I rose, went forth and followed Thee."

"Church Fatness Growth"
by Ron Meacock © 1982 - 2017

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