Transfer Growth
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Transfer Growth
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Mission Tent Crusade

Mission TentTransfer growth occurs through at least two sets of circumstances with the obvious one being the arrival or departure of a new minister. The leader brings such natural initial enthusiasm and charisma to the ministry that people from other churches are attracted there perhaps even out of curiosity. The opposite is also possible when a minister leaves so do a segment of the congregation who were unhappy for a number of reasons. Perhaps these people are bored with their former church, had a disagreement, or something else causes them to get itchy feet! During a new pastor's "honeymoon period," or initial six months in a church, this kind of transfer growth tends to happen, much to everyone's encouragement at the time. "See," he says to his bishop, "I've been here only three months and the congregation has increased by fifty percent already!" The bishop pats him on the back and counsels, "Let's wait and see, shall we?" When the dynamic minister leaves then so do many of his people.

People Check Up

Consider your own church, is it a friendly group to be with? If the pastor moved, would many of your people leave too?

"Transfer Growth"
by Ron Meacock © 1982-2018

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